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Our Board of Directors and Membership Tour/Meeting will be held on Thursday, March 26, 2015, at the Presidio of San Francisco.  The exact time and meeting place for our tour will be announced in the near future, as arrangements are still being prepared.  Wear comfortable shoes.  Street parking available.  Please bring prospective new members to our meetings.
APRIL 25, 26, 2015 DAY or WEEKEND FIELD TRIP: Details are still underway, however, please mark your calendar for Saturday, April 25 to drive approximately 1 ½ hours to the historic town of Woodland, established in 1861.  We will meet at CHC member, Carole Scibienski’s 1874 Italianate Victorian home, and visit other historic homes and places within walking distance.  Our tour will end mid-afternoon so that we can either continue on to Grass Valley for dinner and an overnight stay, with activities on Sunday, April 26, or return to the Bay Area.  John Hodges is planning the Grass Valley part of the trip.  Please save these dates on your calendar. Details to follow.
President’s Message - Christopher Layton:
We on the Board have some exciting developments to share. First, the long anticipated Affiliate Membership program is finally in place. It’s basis is to increase Membership from mutually supportive organizations. Our first AM connection between CHC and the Antique and Classic Boat Society (ACBS) is up and is already proving it’s value. Wayne Mooers, the ACBS Historian, and also a CHC Member, is communicating with his fellow ACBS colleagues with plans to support our efforts to create a spectacular Tahoe trip with an antique boat component to the proceedings. He is also assisting in proposing one of the upcoming Awards with his personal connections with the management team of and application work for the Potomac in our 2015 Awards candidates. We continue our outreach to other historic preservation groups. Jeanie Graham is assisting us with her interaction with the several Alameda Historic organizations, as is North Star House and many others. Try this Out: Go to the CHC web site home page, then to “Our Affiliates” thence to the logo of the Antique and Classic Boat Society. Reverse the path by spotting the “Links” on the ACBS site, then click on the CHC Logo bringing you and other interested Members of both organizations in contact with each other. Really simple and really powerful. We should be proud of this achievement.
Additionally, the calendar of field trips to outstanding places of interest is filling out spectacularly. Our Annual Calendar should contain 4 General Membership/Board of Directors’ meetings, 4 (Minimum) Exec. Com. Meetings 2 (Minimum) field trips and 2 dinners: Upcoming is the outing to Woodland to include the carry-on to Grass Valley on April 25 and 26. In July or August we are planning the Tahoe Historic Excursion. On September 24, at one of our General Membership Meetings at the fabulous Kitt residence, we look forward to the presentation of the Julia Morgan Impersonations of Betty Marvin. Crowning jewels in the Event Crown are the Awards Dinner June 25 and the Christmas 
Dinner December 9 . Dianne Rowe is doing great work in assimilating these many functions. Please mark your calendar, and stay tuned for more details to come. 
Chair of the Board Remarks - John Hodges:
I for one am very impressed with the start we have put in place for 2015. We have focused on the right things, and it appears they are paying off. 
If we continue with purposeful collaboration with other like minded civic groups, as President Chris has expressed in his comments above, then just maybe we can achieve some passionate partnerships. 
Partnership can be the cornerstone to success because it can bring fresh views, new resources and collective wisdom. We have invited several new organizations to partner with us, to support us, to let us support them and their objectives. The Presidio Historic Association is a CHC ally of many years and Gary Widman and Barbara Wanvig are doing a wonderful job representing PHA within CHC. Barbara is also a great supporter of architect Julia Morgan and she is working on several Morgan events. 
The Antique Boating Association is a new affiliate; take a look at our website and click on Affiliates for this new partner. I want to thank Chris Layton for his original work with the concept of "Affiliation" and thank him for making this first affiliation with the Boating Association happen. I have watched him coordinate and align the strengths of various organizations. The key to aligning strength of organizations is passion, and Chris has got it!. 
Focusing the collective passions of separate organizations to a single heritage purpose requires talent and just plain business sense. Further examples include Bill Applegate, who is also working on several new organization approaches that we will be presenting to CHC. CHC is lucky to have these folks I have mentioned in leadership positions, and fortunate to have a strong core group of supportive members. 
Now just where are we now, and I mean with the concept of CHC aligning additional organizations with the cause of historic preservation. We need to define, and define with great clarity, why focusing collective passions toward one central purpose will create a vacuum that will pull the mission and success of the separate organizations together. A collaborative approach can produce stunning results in new members, younger members, folks with new ideas. 
The payoff is the creation of a mutual vision and empowering each person or organization to become the guardian of that vision. You would be impressed with the number of organizations whose views are in great alignment with CHC's. The strategy CHC will use to align itself with like minded organizations is to be who we are! Don't sell yourself short or for what we are not, but focus on the years of consistent high quality awards recognizing the heritage value of what we choose to value. 
Our Awards program history has great brand value and Dianne Rowe, as Executive Director, is keeper of the files and maintains that history going back fifty years! 
We have an extraordinary list of historic heritage sites and causes with which to "Affiliate." The next scheduled field trip April 25 and 26 to Woodland and Grass Valley will give us the opportunity to discuss and expand on this topic. 
By Affiliating and Partnering, we can each lead with our unique strengths and accelerate our vision with new members, communication with new organizations, while preserving and expanding our awards recognition. I am in! Are you?  Lets make "Heritage" fun and make it happen!
Minutes of the January 29, 2015 Board of Directors and Membership Meeting: The meeting was held in San Francisco at the home of Board Members, Ted and Dorothy Kitt.  The Meeting was called to order at 3:00 PM, Chris Layton presiding.  Board of Directors Present: William Applegate, John Hodges, Dorothy Kitt, Herb Konkoff, Chris and Adele Layton, Mai Kai Lee, Bill Palmer, Betty Ann Prien, Dianne Rowe, Sue Walima, Barbara Wanvig. (This list is not complete as the sign-up sheet did not circulate to everyone.)
President Layton acknowledged, and thanked, our host, Dorothy Kitt, and introduced guests.  Neil Malloch introduced his guest, Alessandro Baccari, North Beach writer and historian.  He has lived most of his 87 years in North Beach.  Through his father, an artist by the same name, he has known Eugene O'Neill, Bill Saroyan, Harry Bridges, Paul Robeson, Edward Weston and Benny Bufano (Mr. Baccari has a long and fascinating history which you can read if you Google his name.) 
Chris then advised, for those unaware, that long term Board Member, Claire Collins Skall, died on January 22, 2015. Claire was an active Board Member, attending almost all meetings, events and annual dinners. 
Financial Report - Dianne Rowe:  Bank Balances were stated, and are on record in the office.
December Dinner report: Income included dinner checks and donations ($4405); silent auction (1040); and dinner bar proceeds ($420) for a total of $5,865.00.  Expenses included St. Francis Yacht Club dinner invoice ($4738); Invitations ($57); Postage ($59); dinner wine ($124) and copy charges ($18) for a total of $4996.00.  Total profit: $869.00.
Presidio Update - Barbara Wanvig, Bill Applegate: Several Board Members recently visited the Presidio Officers’ Club, and the Inn at the Presidio for a tour, in order to evaluate both buildings for awards in June, 2015.  Barbara Wanvig nominated the Inn at the Presidio for an Award, and  Bill Applegate nominated the Officers’ Club, stating that the renovated Officers’ Club is opening eyes to the history of the Presidio. 
The renovated 36,895-square-foot building held an opening celebration for the public on October 4, 2014. It features permanent and rotating interactive exhibits, along with a new restaurant, Arguello, by award-winning local chef, Traci Des Jardins. The Presidio Heritage Gallery, considered the club's centerpiece, includes multimedia displays that allow visitors to connect with the Presidio's history. The Mesa Room boasts the club's original adobe walls from around 1800. The club will also offer public events and programs, and there is space to host celebrations and meetings.  Moraga Hall, a beautiful hall with a fireplace, is the Presidio's new living room.
Marines’ Memorial Club - Bill Applegate: Bill distributed a limited number of the magazine of the Marines’ Memorial Association, which is a non-profit Veterans organization.  The Club building dates from 1926.  They have recently made capital improvements to upgrade the hotel rooms and remodel of the 12th floor restaurant and kitchen, at an approximate cost of $3 million. The Theatre Lobby has also been remodeled.  Bill is nominating the Marines’ Memorial Club Building for an award in 2015. The Executive Committee will be taking a tour of the building, and its renovations, on February 19th.
Awards Selection Committee Update: - Chris Layton: The following awards are under consideration:
        The Presidio Officers’ Club                   The Presidio Inn
        The Disney Museum                                The Marines’ Memorial Club
        The Fairmont Hotel                                  USS POTOMAC Yacht (awarded in 1990)
        Mount Diablo                                                 
Field Trips : Dianne Rowe outlined the field trip to Woodland on Saturday, April 25, 2015, that is being planed by CHC member, and Woodland resident, Carole Scibienski. Plans are still underway, however, we would meet at her historic home in the morning, see and/or walk by other historic homes nearby, with a possible tour of the Opera House.  In the afternoon, those attending can either return to San Francisco, or continue on to Grass Valley (approximately 1-1/2 hour drive) for dinner and stay overnight.  John Hodges is planning activities for the following day, Sunday, April 26, which will include a visit to North Star House.
A second field trip is in the planning process, by John Hodges and CHC member, Trinkie Watson, for the Lake Tahoe area.          
Affiliate Membership Plan Update - John Hodges stated that Chris Layton deserves great credit for initiating “website affiliates.” on our website.  Chris pulled up CHC’s website on his laptop for all to see this category. This is a category of membership that we have created to cross-link with like-minded historical organizations.  Our first Affiliate is The Antique and Classic Boating Society.  
Flag History - John Hodges: John has about 50 flags in his collection.  John stated that a lot of people do not know the history of our flag and picked a few out of his collection to show us, and tell their stories, such as the first American flag, the Betsy Ross flag, and other State flags such as “Don’t Tread On Me,” or “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.”  
The meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM.  A reception followed.
        4 Membership Meetings
        2 Field Trips
        June 25, 2015 Awards’ Dinner
        December 9, 2015 Holiday Dinner
January 29th     First General Membership/Board of Directors meeting (completed at Kitt Residence)
March 26th    Second General Membership/Board of Directors meeting (Presidio National Park location) 
April 25-26     Field Trip Saturday to Woodland, with optional Grass Valley overnight, and Sunday activities in Grass Valley, including a visit to                                 the North Star House 
May 28th    Third General Membership Meeting (location to be announced) 
June 25th    Awards Dinner (6:00 PM-10:00 PM) Saint Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco 
Sept. 24th     Fourth General Membership Meeting at the Kitt home with Julia Morgan impersonator. 
October     Field trip visit to Lake Tahoe (2 day-1 night) planned for early October (Details to be announced.) 
Nov. 19th     General Membership Meeting (location to be announced) 
Dec. 9th     Holiday Dinner (6:00 PM - 10:00 PM), St. Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco
2:30 -3:30 PM, Crystal Room, Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco
Present: William Applegate, John Hodges, Chris & Adele Layton, Betty Ann Prien, Dianne Rowe, Sue Walima, Barbara Wanvig.  The meeting commenced at 2:30 PM, Chris Layton presiding.
Financial Report: Dianne Rowe reported that the checking account balance as of 11/19/14 is $17,932; the reserve checking account balance as of 11/19/14 remains at $1507, for a total of $19,439.00.
2015 Increased Dues Rate Proposal - John Hodges: After discussion, it was agreed that dues will remain the same as 2014, and perhaps an increase in 2016.
Designation of Chair and Members of 2015 Officer Nominating Committee - John Hodges: John suggested Dorothy Kitt as Chair and will contact her for her consent.  She will choose the other 4 members of this committee, with Dianne Rowe taking the minutes of the meeting.  John Hodges and Chris Layton both would like to see Jeannie Graham nominated to the Board.
Designation of Awards Committee Chair and Members - Chris Layton: Chris will co-chair the Awards Committee with Barbara Wanvig.  Betty Ann Prien and Dianne Rowe would also like to be on this Committee.  A call for more committee volunteers will be made at the January meeting at Ted and Dorothy Kitt’s home.  Thus far, suggested awards are The Fairmont Hotel, and the Presidio Inn.  There will be a private meeting with Gary Widman to discuss awarding the Presidio Officers’ Club.
Reciprocal Membership Proposal and Discussion - Chris Layton: The idea is to create a separate page on our website.  On that page are links to various organizations that have interests in historic preservation.  In checking with our web master, it would cost between $100 and $150 to create that page.  On that page, for example, will be maritime groups that we gave awards to, etc.  In return, they need to create a link on their website to our website.  There will be no publishing of events, or anything like that.  It is strictly a link.  Chris is suggesting a cost to them of $50 per year, which would cover any time and cost that our web master may incur.  Ideally, they would also begin, with this linkage, to bring more regular members to our organization.  Chris has a list of potential organizations to contact, and has done a preliminary outreach to them.  He states that they are all very much interested in this concept.  Chris did not have the list with him, and will forward it by email to the Executive Committee.  Chris stated that if we add up all the people that are behind these organizations we plan to approach, there are 3- 5000 people.  We have never had the opportunity to reach out to that many people and, just tell them, “hey, here we are, California Heritage Council, check us out.”  Dianne Rowe asked: “Do organizations want their members to leave their website and be redirected to another website that is a competitor?”  Chris believes that so many of these organizations want to create these outreaches to other groups of people, such as the 4 maritime organizations that we gave awards to.  Their memberships are well over 3,000 people.  All 4 of them have stated “this is simple, this doesn’t cost anything, no one is developing any over weight time.”  The term “reciprocal membership” was discussed and it was decided to phrase it as “affiliate” or “website affiliate,” as their membership does not gain membership in our organization.  Dianne suggested that names of affiliate members be given to our web master all at one time, not piecemeal, as he charges $25 minimum each time he works on our website whether it is for 1 or 10 affiliates to be added.
December Holiday Dinner Update - Chris Layton, Dianne Rowe: At this time there are only 18 responses, however, invitations just went out in the mail and it is much too early to count attendance.
Field Trip discussion for Tahoe, Woodland and Grass Valley - John Hodges: After discussion, it was decided that Dianne and John will draft a survey to send by email to members in order to determine the appeal, and attendance, of 3 field trip options: (1) San Francisco to Tahoe first day/overnight; second day return Bay Area via Grass Valley; (2) San Francisco to Woodland first day; proceed to Grass Valley for first night; return to Bay Area second day after full touring day in Grass Valley; (3) San Francisco to Woodland, first day; proceed to Tahoe for first night; return Bay Area second day, with short Tahoe tour second day morning and short Grass Valley tour afternoon as options
Revised Schedule of Meetings- Chris Layton, John Hodges: It is agreed to hold 4 membership meetings per year, have executive meetings throughout the year, 2 dinners (June Awards and December Holiday) and 2 field trips, trying to tie them into award nominations, if possible.
The Executive Committee meeting adjourned at 3:30 PM, and a general membership tour (not a meeting) followed.  An oral presentation, and private tour of the Fairmont Hotel, and the Julia Morgan restoration, was given by Thomas Wolfe, Chief Concierge of the Fairmont, and Founding member, and past President, Les Clefs d'Or USA.
FAIRMONT HOTEL, 950 Mason Street, San Francisco
PLEASE NOTE: Due to conflicting schedules, we did not hold a CHC Meeting in October.  We are planning a very exciting tour and  meeting in November, at the Fairmont Hotel, that you will not want to miss.  The exact date in November will be announced next week.  The tour will begin at 3:30 PM, with the November Board of Directors and Membership Meeting following the tour.
Chair of the Board Remarks - John Hodges: 
November’s  meeting will be held at the Fairmont Hotel, atop Nob Hill in San Francisco. This is a rare opportunity to tour the property in depth and learn the history of this iconic landmark.  For almost one hundred years the Fairmont Hotel has delighted guests, and hosted the great society parties of the golden West. Even the many flags that fly at the entry speak of great history in that they represent the founding countries of the United Nations as the Fairmont was designated the original workplace for the creation of the UN. 

The Fairmont Hotel is named for Bonanza Jim Fair, one of the early big winners in Nevada Silver Mining. Fair's daughters built the Hotel as a tribute monument to their father, who had recently passed away, but the project proved too big and they sold the property just two weeks prior to the 1906 earthquake to the Law brothers. The great 1906 fire finally rolled up Nob Hill destroying the mansions of Hopkins, Stanford, Huntington, and finally Crocker; all gone. Except the grand Fairmont Hotel, while gutted by fire, still stood. The new owners choose to rebuild and they made an electrifying choice for a lead architect: Julia Morgan. Morgan at 33years old, the first women graduate of the prestigious Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris was just starting out, and would later rise to be known as the nation's preeminent female architect. Many of us in CHC are very aware of her great work! And here is a chance to learn about one of her most iconic projects from a subject matter expert! 

Thomas Wolfe, Chief Concierge of the Fairmont, Founding member and past President, Les Clefs d'Or USA will be our guide of the Hotel. The Hotel has just completed a major restoration recreating the original vision of Morgan's for the 1907 hotel. "Comparing the project to an archeological dig, the restoration team uncovered original marble floors, ornate domes and intricate design work throughout the hotel." This will be significant meeting tour to attend as our guide, Thomas Wolfe, is the acknowledged expert on the history of this landmark property.
Minutes of the September 25, 2014, Board of Directors and Membership Meeting at theBay Model, Sausalito:  The meeting began at approximately 2:40 PM, President Chris Layton presiding.  Directors Present: Chris Layton, Marsha Calegary, Athena Charis, John Hodges, Betty Ann Prien, Dianne Rowe, Claire Skall, Yusuf Uraiqat, Sue Walima.
Reciprocal Memberships - Chris Layton:   Chris outlined the idea of a new and special membership category for organizations and award recipients that have websites.  Chris envisions cross-fertilizing  respective newsletters, activities and linking websites.  Chris feels it would not take up a lot of our time, or take a lot of money to do this, and would advertisethe California Heritage Council to a much larger group of people and generate additional memberships. Chris will investigate the cost of setting this up on our website and, in general, take on the project of getting organizations to participate.
Award Proposals for 2015 - John Hodges: Most years we try to develop a theme for the awards being given. This year, John recently met someone who is interested in preserving and revitalizing small movie houses that are found in many small towns in California.  The theater in Auburn is one such theater that has recently been restored.  The Mondavi Theater, the Old Opera House in Napa, is another example.  There is also the Sebastiani Theater in Sonoma. 

John believes there are a number of people interested in small town preservation around those theaters.  The Department of the Interior has recently given protection designation to movie set locations that famous directors have used.  For example, Francis Ford Coppola used Ellis Island in one of his God Father movies. He is deeply involved in preservation projects in Sonoma County, such as re-purposing of the Sovereign Winery Hops Mill in Geyserville,.  A cinematic theme came to mind as a possible theme for our June, 2015 awards dinner, and Coppola would be a wonderful speaker at the dinner. There are a number of other awards that we have in mind.  Richard Torney has proposed Sturgeon’s Mill, built in 1880, and still operating as a Mill, in Sebastopol.  Dianne Rowe has taken a tour there and vouches for its worthiness as an award recipient. 

Dianne stated that it would be a fascinating field trip, in a beautiful setting, on one of the few weekends next year when they are open to the public for tours.  It could be tied in with visits to other sites that we have awarded in the Santa Rosa area.  The Inn at the Presidio is being considered, and will be proposed by Barbara Wanvig.  Judy Wessing mentioned that the Presidio Officers Club is holding a grand opening October 4-5, and should be investigated for an award.  Judy Wessing also mentioned a Norwegian Lutheran Church, on Dolores Street, that is being re-purposed as a private school.  This may be a possible meeting site in order to evaluate it for an award. Athena Charis discussed the “Save Mt. Diablo” restoration project and believes it is worthy of an award.  John Hodges proposed Villa Montalvo in Saratoga, which has never received a CHC award.  John also stated that, because of the recent Napa earthquake, several historic buildings were heavily damaged and will most likely be restored. 

This is something that we should follow for appropriate awards.  Also, every County in California has a contractor’s Association website, listing members and, in particular, contractors that specialize in historic preservation.  In summary, we have the Theaters, the Francis Ford Coppola angle with his properties and restorations, the earthquake damaged properties in Napa Valley, Sturgeon’s Mill, the Contractor’s Association, Mt. Diablo, the re-purposed Church on Dolores Street, and the Presidio Inn.  Chris Layton also has a historic hotel in mind.
Monthly Meeting Discussion: It has been suggested that, rather than having a meeting every month, we hold 4 general membership meetings per year, 2 field trips, the June Awards’ Dinner, and the December Holiday Dinner.  The remainder of this year, we have a meeting at the Fairmont Hotel on October 30th to see the Julia Morgan restoration, and our Holiday Dinner on December 18th .  Our January meeting will be held at Ted and Dorothy Kitt’s home on Broadway.  Chris suggested we tie in field trips with awards whenever possible. Field trips cannot replace a meeting and will be scheduled during a month when no meeting will be held during Spring, Summer or early Fall.  Permanent dates for 2015 will be decided at the beginning of the year so that members can mark their calendars.
Other Business - Chris Layton: CHC Director, Reed Robins, advised that Kimberly Perette, a CHC member from Benicia, invites us to watch a video on You Tube  "Celebrating Julia Morgan, FAIA, 2014 AIA Gold Medal Recipient.  Kimberly, and two other ladies, did all the paperwork for the Julia Morgan award, had Cal Poly students build their display, drove down to Cal Poly to put the exhibit together to be driven to Chicago for the AIA award ceremony, went to the ceremony and set it up.  Further, she is now working on a book on Julia Morgan. 

Chris suggested that he, Reed Robbins and Athena Charis liaison with Kimberly regarding Julia Morgan properties.  John Hodges stated that Julia Morgan was in charge of the restoration of the Fairmont Hotel after the 1906 earthquake.  She designed over 700 buildings still remaining in California alone.  Our tour will be led by Chief Concierge, Thomas Wolfe on October 30th.
The North Star House in Grass Valley was Julia Morgan’s second residential commission.  She designed the building for the manager of the Empire Mine, using local materials.  This house has been restored, and is being used by the community.  CHC has given them an award, and they would like us to visit again, as we were an early spark plug in their restoration efforts.  This could be tied in with our field trip to Tahoe next year.
Upcoming Anniversaries and events - Neil Malloch: Neil obtained a proclamation from the Mayor regarding the 75th Anniversary of the Top of the Mark; the new part of Ghirardelli Square opened 11/29/64, and will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary.  The old part of Ghirardelli Square was built in 1914; The Maritime Museum will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary; The World’s Faire opened 2/15/1915, and will be celebrating its 100th Anniversary. 
The meeting adjourned at 4:00 PM.
Dec. 18:    Annual Holiday Dinner; St. Francis Yacht Club, Northwest Room;
                6:00 PM -   10:00 PM. 
                Invitations and reply form will be mailed in November, 2014.
Jan. 29, 2015    Board of Directors and Membership Meeting: 4:00 - 6:00 PM, at the
                        home of Ted and Dorothy Kitt,
                        2801 Broadway, San Francisco, CA


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